Implant Course Video Testimonials

At The Hands On Training Institute, we believe in a lifetime of learning. Growth comes from having the confidence to take the next step and dedicating yourself to maintaining the highest of standards.

“I’m very happy and thrilled I chose Hebel’s course; Hands On Training. The course itself is amazing.”

-Dr. Daniela Matijevic

“My experience… has been nothing but favourable. I have taken courses in the past, and never felt ready to place implants at all… Honestly, I can say I am ready to go, and I will start placing them as soon as I get out of here. Thank you.”

-Dr. Michael Rondinelli

“The Hands-on segment adds a different dimension to the learning experience”

-Dr. Genoveva Caminschi

“The Hands On Training Courses are so helpful.”

-Dr. Ying Sun

“The Hands-on segment adds a different dimension to the learning experience”

-Dr. Genoveva Caminschi

“The Hands On Training Courses are so helpful.”

-Dr. Ying Sun

“The Hands On Training Insitute that Dr. Ken Hebel offers here in London Ontario is very unique…He offersto students 3 very distinct and well developed pograms.”

-Dr. Brian Kaplansky

“I feel very confident in going back to my practice and placing implants on patients.”

-Dr. Lisa Popadynetz

confident about going back to my practice and getting into implant dentistry, so thank you, guys!”

-Dr. Jason Battah

“I was completely blown away at…how effectively Dr. Hebel and Dr. Gajjar took… us dentists from knowing very little about dental implant treatment through to…being competent at restoring and then eventually placing our own implants on our own patients…”

-Dr. Chelsea Price

“…I finally get some hands on training on real patients… so it basically breaks the ice for doing implant dentistry and that’s what I really like about it.”

“I first saw Dr. Hebel present a lecture at our annual convention in Manitoba…. then at the urging of colleague who had taken the Hands On course, I decided as well to take the Mini Residency… Drs. Hebel and Gajjar made the experience a very comfortable one… I would highly recommend the course if you were wanting to implement implantology into your practice and to be able to do it very well.”

-Dr. Murray White

“I was recommended this course by some friends who’ve taken it… He really does great live surgeries and hands-on supervised parts of the surgery with you….”

-Dr. Len Wedlich

“…I was looking for something that would be comprehensive… state-of-the-art facility here… if you take Dr. Hebel’s course, you’ll be putting in implants…and my expectations have been more than surpassed…”

-Dr. Vachon

“…after some recommendations from some colleagues who had taken the Hands on Training course, I signed up for it… already I feel very comfortable approaching treatment planning and surgical aspects of implant placement… it reinforces sound and safe surgical techniques…”


“..the experience so far has been absolutely mind-blowing… I just placed my first implant today, and I’m so happy for having done that… there’s a lot you can learn from this course.”

-Dr. Thomas

“I’ve just finished one of the most incredible educational experiences of my practice career. … this course has left me with incredible confidence… I’m leaving here fully confident…”

-Dr. John Terhar

“Wow, with Ken’s guidance and help, it was an excellent success… And I’m excited about my future in implant dentistry.”

-Dr. Brian Smith

“It was an excellent experience!.”

-Dr. Brian Smith

“I just finished placing 2 implants… my very first exposure to implants and surgery…. Gave me a lot of confidence… the outcome was great. I certainly recommend this.”

-Dr. Sherman

“The experience has been incredible. I’ve expanded my practice with implant dentistry…”

-Dr. Frank C. Perry

“It’s been a privilege… they have completely exceeded all the expectations that I had… You’ll learn advanced surgical skills… and you’re going to have a whole lot of fun.”

-Dr. Pekar

“It’s a wonderful course… I just placed my first implant!… They make it just like a piece of cake for you…”

-Dr. Tomi Osih

“…I can attest that from all the other courses I have taken in implantology, this is one of the best…. second to none.”

-Dr. Richard Oberly

“I just finished placing 2 Nobel Biocare implants… I feel that Dr. Hebel makes a very good point of teaching to you how to stay out of trouble… I now have the skill set to be able to place implants on a regular basis…”

-Dr. John Miller

“For me it’s been an experience of a lifetime…. Dr. Hebel’s facility is second to none… Dr. Hebel has that ability to really inspire you and really to make sure you have a heightened sense of confidence… I would highly, highly recommend…”

-Dr. Tony Mancuso

“Dr. Hebel and Dr. Gajjar really give you the background information that you need to place implants, and, in fact, I placed 2 implants at the course… I would highly recommend the course.”

-Dr. Lisa Lindstrom

“I’ve been wanting to give this testimonial all weekend because I’m really excited… I’ve done implant courses before…. this is the first time I’m really feeling excited…”

-Dr. Nasrim Karim

“Prior to taking these courses, I had very little experience… and today I just placed my first implant…. under ideal circumstances… I feel that I am confident enough now to try and place these on my own now.”

-Dr. Joanne Hendrick

“I was referred to the course…. This course is valuable…. This is a course that you need to take…. second to none… It’s been my pleasure to provide this testimonial.”

-Dr. Neville Headley

“In my search.. Dr. Hebel’s name was highly recommended… I can clearly see why… great teaching environment…”

-Dr. Greg Elliot

“This is a world-class audio visual training experience that is in North America…. you get to observe…. dos and don’ts… very supportive environment… it’s worth the price of admission!”

-Dr. Farahani

“I was recommended this course by some friends who’ve taken it… He really does great live surgeries and hands-on supervised parts of the surgery with you….”

-Dr. Dina Ghobrial

“One of the best programs I’ve ever taken… I recommend this program for anyone interested in implant dentistry…. incredible educational experience…”

-Dr. Gary Glassman

“”I had a very good experience with Dr. Hebel’s office and his course.”

“…Dr. Hebel… he puts you at ease… you learn so much from his experience… it’s just amazing… patient acceptance is way up at my office… I gained a lot of confidence.”

“I’ve heard from a number of people that Dr. Hebel’s course is the course to take… and they’re certainly right… his depth of knowledge is unbelievable.”

“I feel that the approach that Dr. Hebel has is not only… progressively instructional but it should prepare one to be able to comfortably and confidently go back into their private practices and implement this ever-growing field of dentistry…”

‘”He provided me with the confidence… I was quite delighted.”

“The best thing that I like about this course is Dr. Hebel is a very good speaker… as well as he has a wealth of knowledge… I’ve already bought my kit… I’m ready to go!”