1,000 Testimonials and Counting…

“One of the top dental instructors of my dental education.”
-Dr. Tim Lo

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“This course is a terrific course for those doctors beginning their implant careers to those with much more experience. It leaves you with both the interest and confidence to start working with implants after taking both sessions. Thank you for providing such an enthusiastic and practical course.”
-Dr. Andre Tam

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“A great course that covers all basic implant theory in a clear and complete manner. A lot of hands on practice with models was very helpful. Thank you.”
-Dr. Baharnaz Baharloo

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“Whether you are looking for a course to begin placing or restoring implants, or have placed implants and want to further your implant training this course has it all, I highly recommended it!!”
-Dr. Sam Goodman

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“Dr. Hebel is a very good teacher and mentor. I felt fully supported to learn as well as make mistakes.”
-Dr. Mark Shankman

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“After every Hands On Training Course my confidence level was growing.”
-Dr. Petro Viznyak

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“Highly recommend this program to anyone in Implant Dentistry.”
-Dr. Max Neiman

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“This is an absolute must for the serious minded General Practice dentist wanting to place implants.”
-Dr. Tejinder Dhillon

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“The Hands On Training Course was excellent, it was very formative and motivating. Dr. Hebel is a great lecturer.”
-Dr. Zdan Shulakewych

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“This course was excellent!! It was very comprehensive and covered all aspects of placing dental implants. I feel confident that I can place dental implants safely and successfully. Thank you, course was great. I really enjoyed it.”

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“Dr. MacLean is a wealth of information. He is down to earth and very approachable. I highly recommend this course to any doctor interested in implant restorations and all on 4.”
-Dr. Isaac Gabay

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“Evey course I have taken with Hands On Training has been an excellent learning experience.”
-Dr. Robert Laughland

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“Just a fantastic course.”
-Dr. Matthew Troncone

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“It is a great course, goes into great detail.”
-Dr. Christina Dhillon

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“The course fits the best for dentists with higher experience in implant dentistry, but even for beginners it can be a very helpful from the treatment planning point of view and getting familiar with new technologies available for treatment.”
-Dr. Siavash Naseh

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“The hands on portion of the course reinforces and puts everything together. I highly recommend that every dentist takes this course as part of their implant training.”
-Dr. Raymond Hui

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“The information and hands on skills that I have gained from this course have allowed me to evaluate, diagnose and decide on which cases are suitable for me to treat confidently and safely, and that has been exciting and rewarding. Highly recommended program. Dr. Scott MacLean is a very Enthusiastic and Passionate presenter.”
-Dr. Robert Smyth

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“As a new graduate, this was a fantastic extension of my education in the aspect of implant dentistry. Having limited experience with implants, coming to this course has prepared (and over prepared) me to confidently place and restore implants on my patients. Definitely a must take course for anybody looking to gain in thorough and in depth training in implant dentistry.”

- ”Dr., ”Mississauga,

“Some of the best training I have ever received. It was what I needed to feel comfortable. I just placed my first implant if office and I felt ready.”

- ”Dr., ”Otonabee,

“I totally recommend this course. The program makes you ready to place your first implant and you know how to choose your cases to get successful treatments. “

- ”Dr., ”Toronto,

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“Dr. Hebel is a top speaker. The material presented is excellent.”

- ”Dr., ”Kitchener

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“The course helped me build up the confidence to start to do the surgical part of implants.”

- ”Dr., ”Troy

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“Best education I have ever taken!”

- ”Dr., ”London

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“This course material was presented in a no-nonsense fashion, and key concepts made crystal clear. I liked how the focus was on avoiding complication and how best to achieve the optimum esthetic result, as opposed to focusing only on the technical aspect of implant placements.”

- ”Dr., ”London

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“The best most comprehensive enjoyable implant program I have ever taken. Thorough in every way, Dr. Hebel is excellent. To experience implant surgery is an opportunity of a lifetime! I loved every moment.”

- ”Dr., ”Windsor

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“An excellent course held in an excellent facility that allows for immediate comfort and safety to start or enhance your dental implant career.”

- ”Dr., ”Amherstburg

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“I appreciated the approach of including the very detailed instruction of implant placement protocols as a piece within an overall treatment plan and how implants fit into that.”

- ”Dr., ”Guelph

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“Course is in a great environment and ideal for doctors looking to expand their practice through implants. The course explains all parts of implants from treatment planning and placement to restoration.”

- ”Dr., ”Ottawa

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“Great course that takes you all the way from planning to surgery to restoration and makes you confident in those skills.”

- ”Dr., ”Grand

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“This program is very well set up and organized. The facility is first class; the instructor dwells on what really matters and repeats it time and time again for the benefit of all participants. No endless stream of data, research and articles.”

- ”Dr., ”Montreal

11 Day Implant Program Testimonial…
“The comprehensive mini-residency with Hands On Training was by far the best course I’ve ever taken.  It would be a pleasure to repeat the residency over and over again.  Dr. Hebel is truly an outstanding teacher, providing a huge amount of information in a very easy to understand way. In fact, if I had the chance to practise with him I would jump at it! Amazing teacher, amazing staff, amazing facility, and an amazing experience! Totally worth it and more.”

- ”Dr., ””

Excellent program! Every DDS should take this so that implants can be offered to every patient who needs it – treatment of choice. This course is very comprehensive – especially the section of grafting. This makes it very comprehensive!

- ”Dr., ”Katana,

Great course. Feel prepared and confident to safely and effectively treat patients with implant therapy

- ”Dr., ”Bloomington,

“The course engaged participants to think beyond surgical placement of implants. Treatment planning began with the ideal final restoration in mind. Surgical placement was then planned and implemented to support that goal. Ultimately, this course improved not only my placement skills but will improve communication and final results with my surgeons.”

- ”Dr., ”Wesley

“Excellent Job. It was a career changer for me. Thank you!”

- ”Dr., ”Nepean

“The bone grafting for implant dentistry is a well organized program which gives the participant a thorough understanding of the content in a presentation that is relaxed and practical. Information learned can be immediately used in practice.”

- ”Dr., ”Strathroy

“I came to “Hands On Training” expecting to learn how to place a single implants successfully. In return I Iearned how to place single implant, multiple implants, bone augmentation procedures and also restoring them successfully, it will change the way I practice.”

- ”Dr., ”Reading,

“Loved the course. More Great Stuff than and other course I’ve ever Attended. Great presentation & course aids were well constructed and thought out.”

- ”Dr., ”Elkton,

“The Course Was Great”

- ”Dr., ”Atlanta,

“Dr.Hebel’s protocol to place implants is very easy, simple to follow. I feel confident on going back to my practice and start placing implants. Now it is up to me to choose the right cases and follow the protocol to be successful.”

- ”Dr., ”Roseville,

“Overall I felt this course was of great benefit my implant practice. Dr. Hebel presented the information in a concise and simplified approach. After taking his course I feel I have the Knowledge to expand my implant practice to the surgical aspect immediately. Thanks”

- ”Dr., ”Aurora,

“A great learning experience. Well worth the time away from the office. A great investment in continuing education.”

- ”Dr., ”Highlands

“I was referred to the course by two of my friends and was definitely not disappointed. This course gives a great baseline for the implantation of implant dentistry in your practice and I feel it is the best “bang for your buck” out there. I would definitely encourage others to take this course! I liked seeing the successes and failures and thought Dr. Hebel was a great engaging speaker. Very good job giving a good number of breaks to keep everyone focused-that was key! The food was fantastic well throughout both sessions. This course has piqued my interest in furthering my education in implant dentistry.”

- ”Dr., ”Victoria,

“I was debating whether to take this course or the Maxi-course for implant dentistry. I am glad I chose this course because It was short and to the point. The material was delivered in a concise, effective manner. The hand out books contained ample illustrations with space to take notes. And I especially loved the set of DVD’s that came with the course and all the hands on exercises that we did in class. I fee very confident that I can place implants in my patients.”

- ”Dr., ”Las

“This course is very comprehensive. I feel confident to go back and start placing my first implant.”

- ”Dr., ”Bellevue,

“So many courses that are offered are disjointed and thrown together with multiple disciplines speaking to their specific specialty area. This course gave a comprehensive, organized treatment of implant surgery & prosthetics that connected the entire process from treatment planning to completion & follow up maintenance. I Would Recommend This Course to Any Restorative Dentist With An Interest in Implantology. Ken I marvel at your Organization & Stamina.”

- ”Dr., ”Houston,

“I found this course to be informative up to date, and practical. If provided me the knowledge to be able to determine what I can do and what I should refer and the techniques to achieve predictable results. I appreciated Dr. Hebel’s insistence on conservatism and being overly cautious in case selection and techniques in surgery that would help insure the patient’s safety and satisfaction with treatment results.”

- ”Dr., ”Tulsa,

“Having taken multiple implant courses, I feel this class to be more organized and efficient. Dr. Hebel designed this program from a clinician’s point of view. Where we can go back to our offices and feel comfortable selecting the right type of patients to begin placing implants.”

- ”Dr., ”Flagstaff,

“A great thorough and comprehensive approach to implants. Restorative driven solutions. The hand on component was effective. Overall A Great Value.”

- ”Dr., ”Boulder,

“Session 3 is very informative and gives you enough knowledge to tackle everyday GP Implant Dentistry. Course gives participants knowledge as to when to proceed, when to stop and when to refer.”

- ”Dr., ”Peterborough,

“Dr. Hebel is an excellent instructor. I can defiantly begin treating my patients after completing the course. The live surgeries were an amazing way of seeing how things are done.”

- ”Dr., ”Binbrook,

“I loved the course. Very down-to-earth, practical information but very/fairly comprehensive at the same time. Dr. Hebel is a great speaker and his staff are amazing hosts. The materials and animation used is incredible and the surgical model exercises very helpful/valuable. I’ve been talking about the course since Session 1 and I am really excited and “confident” to start placing implants.”

- ”Dr., ”Victoria,

“Great program. Such a great blend of anatomy, physiology, and technique. All integrated into great hands on experience. Even my patient loved it. Hands-on-Training 11-day Mini Residency in Implant Dentistry was a truly inspiring educational experience and has re-energized my love of dentistry. What an exciting service implant dentistry has become for patients’ needs.”

- ”Dr., ”Cambridge,

“Very Good, practical course. Provides understanding of basic principles in treatment planning for implant restorations. Highly Recommend.”

- ”Dr., ”Toronto,

“Very Comprehensive and well interactive course. Covers implant dentistry from a prosthodontic eye view. Highly recommended Course.”

- ”Dr., ”Peterborough,

“When I first bought my Nobel implant kit several years ago a 2 day hands on course was provided. The course was good for the time allowed but I felt it was too short to adequately cover the material and answer questions. Dr. Hebels course has filled in “the blanks” for my training and has given me confidence and enthusiasm to choose, place, and restore my own implants.”

- ”Dr., ”Colville,

“Very interesting course, Dr. Hebel is an outstanding speaker. I highly recommend this course to all dentists to begin their implant career.”

- ”Dr., ”Tarzania,

“Outstanding course. I learn a concise comprehensive introduction to the world of implants. Dr. Hebel was down to earth with concise information that answered many of the fears that I had. I strongly recommend this course.”

- ”Dr., ”Irvine,

“Well balanced course in terms of didactic and clinical information given. Knowledge transfer from real life dental practitioner to real life clinical scenarios aids in credibility. Emphasis on marketability and “working on your practice” as well as “in your practice” is a beneficial mindset to incorporating this level of implant treatment.”

- ”Dr., ”Indianapolis,

“I have been looking for a comprehensive Dental Implant course for about two years. Most university based courses take 8-12 months. I wanted a course where I could put everything I learned to work immediately. After reading other testimonials, I decided to take Dr. Hebel’s course in Yorba Linda, CA. This course has surpassed all my expectations and I feel strongly confident to start my first placement immediately. The course is very thorough and organized, in-depth and instills confidence and great sense of accomplishment. Congratulations to Dr. Hebel and his team! I highly recommend this class to all!”

- ”Dr., ”Van

“This course provides a thorough and comprehensive survey of how a General Dentist may integrate implants into his/her practice. The material is simple enough to understand yet contains enough to allow the dentist to expand his knowledge as he gains experience.”

- ”Dr., ”Draper,

“Dr. Hebel’s Implant course is fantastic. He teaches you safe conservative concepts to give you confidence in placing implants. Highly recommend!”

- ”Dr., ”Detroit,

“Very comprehensive course. I feel confident in implant surgery, and look forward to implementing it into my practice. Dr. Hebel’s course is invaluable.”

- ”Dr., ”Saskatoon,

“As a dentist coming from the U.S., we had the capability to go back and forth from the clinical to the detailed explanation of why, how to, and why not. This was as if we were doing the cases ourselves in our own offices. This was invaluable. We were able to experience the thought process we would have gone through at home. Although we came from far away, it was as if we were practicing in our home town!”

- ”Dr., ”Chesapeake,

“This 4-day implant training course covered a vast amount of material and techniques that will allow me to begin implant surgery in my office with confidence and proficiency. Ken Hebel has a great approach to teaching implant surgery and has a fantastic facility. Highly Recommended course.”

- ”Dr., ”Saskatoon,

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to begin surgical implant placement. Dr. Hebel makes the information clear, concise, and offers predictable outcomes when guidelines are strictly adhered to.”

- ”Dr., ”Kamloops,

“This program is very organized. Dr. Hebel is quite professional. I am planning on coming back to session 3.”

- ”Dr., ”London,

“This course is very thorough. I came with the intent to begin placing single implants after I completed the course. However, after now completing the course, I’m confident I can do multiples.”

- ”Dr., ”Searcy,

“This is a great course for those who are wanting to gain a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of implant dentistry. The faculties are second to none that I have seen. More dental schools should teach in this kind of environment.”

- ”Dr., ”Winnipeg,

“I took your 8 Day Mini-Residency course this past summer in Houston, Texas. Since then I have placed 18 implants on 9 patients and done several grafting procedures. At 52 years of age it has been extremely exciting to venture into this new facet of my practice. Your course took the mystery out of implant surgery and has given me the confidence to move forward. I feel that I was well prepared to face the challenges of every case I have done so far. This grafting course is as great as the 2 other sessions (prosthetic and surgical). In fact, bone grafting is essential in implant placement to incorporate in your dental practice. Autogenous bone grafting might not be done in a general practice but covering some exposed threads or socket preservation is quite common in dental implant treatment. Before attending this 3rd session the two first sessions is not only recommended but required.”

- ”Dr., ”Saint-Laurent

“This bone grafting program was excellent. It filled in the holes and made my knowledge more complete. Although I know I have a lot more to learn about implants, I feel that I now have a good basic understanding of implant placement. I believe I now have the tools required to get back to my office and start placing implants.”

- ”Dr., ”Wetaskiwin,

“Another incredible program. Repetition of the material was great and needed for the third time. Case selection was great and related.”

- ”Dr., ”Chesapeake,

“Excellent presentation of grafting procedures, including indications, cautions, technique to achieve predictable results and limitations of grafting.”

- ”Dr., ”Sault

“I’ve attended numerous implant courses over the years. I would say that Dr. Hebel’s program is definitely a must attend course. The hands on portion is critical to anyone starting implant treatment.”

- ”Dr., ”Kamloops,

“Dr. Hebel has an excellent teaching method that provides dentists the confidence to get started in implant dentistry in a safe and educated manner. Session 3 was an important cap the Hands on Training program.”

- ”Dr., ”Thornhill,

“Dr. Hebel presents a clear roadmap for grafting surgeries staying well within a safety zone that builds confidence for a general dentist to undertake. The reasoning for various procedures and materials have been made clear, the techniques have been outlined in a step by step fashion, such that I am comfortable with this knowledge of returning to my practice and incorporating this with confidence. Thank you for truly teaching how to do things rather than mesmerizing us with advanced case studies (that all too often leave students confused…)”

- ”Dr., ”Saint