DentalEd Testimonials

“Very helpful”

-Dr. Fang Chen, Troy MI

“Extremely helpful, excellent asset”

-Dr. Nimer Khalaf Jr, Tecumseh ON

“Definitely something I will look to add to my library!”

-Dr. Tyson Mailman, London ON

“An absolute must. It allowed me to continually make notes on the iPad and review everything in the program. Complete, concise, straightforward knowledge and scientific. I love it!”

-Dr. Massimo Sementilli, Windsor ON

“A very thoughtful addition to the learning experience. It allows participants to take home a lasting benefit and be able to refresh knowledge at will. It allows participants to review course material before hand thus a smoother learning process”

-Dr. Michael Youssef, Montreal QC

“DentalEd is a fantastic resource. The many narrated step-by-step videos are especially helpful when reviewing details of specific surgeries. These videos, along with the slides elaborating on procedural details, whether surgical or prosthetic, give the student the confidence and ability to deliver the very best in patient care. Highly recommended!”

-Dr. Andrew Rak

“I found it to be most helpful! The graphics are incredible as are the videos. It’s like having Dr. Hebel in my office.”

– Dr. Kevin Rowan

“What a fantastic manual found in DentalED. I can’t imagine taking this course without having access and use of this digital manual. I have reviewed all the material again from session 1 and find I will be using it as a resource again and again. Dr. Hebel teaches in the sessions and reinforces in DentalED the treatment of the patient as a whole which is imperative to treatment planning, placing and restoring implants. DentalED is an excellent adjunct to my desires to place implants with predictable and stable restorations in mind. I find the slide layout very useful, with pictures or videos at the top, lecture notes in the middle and a section for my own notes underneath. This makes post-course review all the more streamlined and productive. I also am pleased that I can review material in multiple chapters and have DentalED automatically keep track of where I have been reading in each chapter for quick access and continuation when I return to study.

There are a number of other small things that make DentalED useful and user friendly but I won’t go into them all. Needless to say, to get full benefit and understanding in the 8-day mini-residency in dental implants one needs to have and use the DentalED resource. I look forward to session 2.”

– Dr. Jonathon Edwards

“Being in my early stage of placing implants, DentalED has been really helpful in reviewing what I learned from the mini-residency. The material is concise, very close to the lectures, I found myself referring back to this software every time I am about to place an implant.”

– Dr. Trung Doan, DDS

“I purchased Dental Ed on day one of Dr. Hebel’s course and the program has continued to be helpful as I find myself constantly referring to it, since.”

-Dr. Steve Enea