Implant Program For Staff

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Course Description:

Every successful dentist is supported by a successful team. Providing your team with comprehensive implant training will give them the confidence they need, as you become involved in this exciting field of dentistry.

Our implant program for staff will prepare your team members with patient communication tools and provide them with a thorough understanding of implant procedures. Understanding how to discuss implants with patients, and being prepared, can make the difference in case acceptance.

Tuition: $499 (for each attendee)

In this comprehensive program, we will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of dental implants
  • Benefits of dental implants
  • Treatment options
  • Case presentation
  • Patient communication
  • Sterilization and Operatory Set-up
  • Radiography
  • Pre /Post – Op Considerations
  • Hands-on session with components
  • Live demonstration surgeries

For more information, call us at: 1-888-806-4442


“This program was very educational, covering all aspects of implant dentistry, from start to finish. Upon completion of this course I feel comfortable and knowledgeable to facilitate an implant procedures and provide patient education. Thank you.”
-Daniela Ninic

- ””, ””

“Nicole at Hands On Training was incredible!! Her experience and knowledge was so inspirational. It made me so excited to start implants in our office, thank you.”
-Tina Lewis

- ””, ””

“The information, skills and knowledge I learned at this course was very valuable for our office. Thank you for helping our office achieve our goal of implant placement and providing the tools necessary for a smooth transition for the entire team. Thank you Nicol ☺”
-Noelle Snow

- ””, ””

“This program was exceptional!! It was very informative and had the perfect amount of information with hands on experience. The educator of this program was extremely experienced and passionate making us involved and interactive. Thank you so much Nicol for an amazing two days.”
-Amy Orr

- ””, ””

“Excellent course, very informative. Nicol is very knowledgeable and an excellent presenter. I would highly recommend this course.”
-Greta Metohu

- ””, ””

“Staff Implant course was very informative, great course. It is a great educational tool to educate my patients for missing tooth replacement. Thank you.”
-Navjot Sidhu

- ””, ””

“I now have a greater understanding of implants and the process involved from implant placement to post opt follow up. I highly recommend this program.”
-Kasia Salem

- ””, ””

“I was very satisfied with the staff program. I feel that I have learned everything that I need to know to assist during an implant procedure. Thank you, great course.”
-Peggy Sue

- ””, ””

“Very Informative!”

- ”Cassie, ”Brantford

“You guys were awesome & very friendly; I appreciated all. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you!”

- ”Nancy, ”Kapuskasing

“I learned a lot in this course and feel much more confident in my ability to discuss implants with patients and assist in implant procedures.”

- ”Amy, ””

“Very informative. Great Presentation Nicol. Thanks!”

- ”Jennifer, ”Ottawa,

“Everybody was excellent. Nicol was a great speaker and kept everyone’s attention. She explained everything very thoroughly and took her time to make sure everybody in the class understanding the information.”

- ”Jenna, ”Tecumseh,

“Nicol is a great instructor. She is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Course was put together very well.”

- ”Amy, ”Thorold,

“As an office manager, I would recommend this staff training program to any office interested indeveloping a team approach and understanding implant dentistry.” “This staff training course has helped our clinic improve our patient education and communication in the field of impalnt dentistry. I would encourage any implant dentist to send their staff to this course.”

- ”Beth, ”Yarmouth,

“Excellent presentation on a wide variety of pertinent subjects. Speakers extremely knowledgeable and well prepared.

Useful information and “hands-on” implements provided. Well organized.”

- ”Leah, ”Belleville,

“Wonderful course! speakers were very clear with their explanations, and they really helped me understand a lot of things that I thought I knew a lot about.”

- ”Nyrine, ”Medford,

“I was overwhelmed by the facility itself in terms of dedication to all things perfectly-executed. The attention to detail in providing lovely snacks, social time, your staff circulating ready to be of assistance and answering our questions.” “Reps were extremely well informed and presented interesting unbiased information.”

- ”Linda, ”Bellenille,

“Very Nice Facility, very well organized. Everyone has been very friendly. Continue the good work.”

- ”Darcelle, ”Iroquois,

“Excellent course! I really enjoyed it”

- ””, ”Dixie

“Very informative, I learned a ton. Thank you!!”

- ”Stacey, ”Calgary,

“This is an excellent learning environment for the dental team to be educated on dental implants. Knowledgeable presenters keep it interesting and relavent for all staff to appreciate the implant experience.”
“The Hands-On Training institute should be proud of their facility and the quality of dentistry they impart on their participants.”

- ”Michelle, ”Belleville,

“Great advice, lovely office. Everyone down to earth, easily understood, videos very educating.  Enjoyed this course very much.”

- ”Courtney, ”Kitchener

“Great course!! Every team member in an office doing implants should take this course.”

- ”Doina, ”Kitchener

“Great lecture.  Every single dentist should take this staff to this course.”

- ”Sanda, ”Kitchener

More Information

Cancellation Policy:

There is no refund of tuition when cancellation occurs within 30 days of the first day of the program. Cancellation requests must be received in writing by Hands On Training and will be processed on the date received.

To Register for all courses call 1-888-806-4442.