Going, Going, Soon to Be Gone!

The Hands On TrainingSurgical DVD Box Set is going quickly and soon to be gone!

 Hands On Training  Surgical Box Set Sale

This Surgical DVD Set includes nine DVDs packed with surgical content. Each DVD will offer a live video demonstration of the implant surgery process. You will find Dr. Ken Hebel’s narration and step-by-step procedures, to be crystal clear with detailed explanations, every step of the way!

Here’s what others are saying about the box set:

“It was like being there; the DVD set is action packed with all the juicy tidbits for the surgical implant practice; it is a must see, can’t live without collection! Nothing can replace the Hands On Training courses in London; but the DVD set is the perfect complement to the literature and course books to constantly keep you refreshed on the techniques of Dr. Hebel. I enjoyed it so much – it was fantastic.”

– Dr. Frank Perry

Buy the set now while you still can!

~Reena Gajjar


Endodontic Solutions Class in Toronto!

For the first time ever, Hands on Training is offering a 4-day Endodontic Solutions class in Toronto! This class will be Taught by Dr. Gary Glassman, covering leading-edge techniques as well as best practices.  Leaving you with the knowledge and capabilities to care for your endodontic patients well.

Here’s what Dr. Hassan Mostafa from Ontario, CA had to say about the course:

And Dr. Ross Hock’s input about the Hands on Training Endodontic Solutions class:

Come join us in Toronto from May 28-May 31, 2015! The course includes live patient demonstrations, hands-on training for all participants, and full-colour manuals with course content.

Read more about endodontics in Dentistry Today.

We look forward to seeing you at the class in Toronto!

~Reena Gajjar


8-Day Hands-On Surgical Implant Workshop!

Join us for an 8-day Mini Residency workshop, designed for dentists who are looking to expand their knowledge and practice with surgical implants.

Hands on Training 8-day implant

Hands on training surgical implant Workshop 2

The course will be offered this spring in both California and New Jersey:

Yorba Linda,  California

Session 1: April 23rd – 26th

Session 2: May 14th – 17th

Mahwah, New Jersey

Session 1: May 7th -10th

Session 2: June 11th -14th

After attending the 8-day course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to perform implant surgery on your own patients.

“This course is very comprehensive,” says Dr. Stanford Chen of Bellevue, WA. “I feel confident to go back and start placing my first implant.”

Wait are you waiting for? Check out our website for more information!

~Reena Gajjar

Join our 11-Day Surgical Implant Workshop!

Join us in Toronto, Ontario for a 3-session workshop that gives you unparalleled experience.  These sessions, spanning over 11 days, cover the surgical implant process with live, hands-on procedures!

Alt: Hands On Training Live Surgeries

The 11-day class in Toronto is broken up into three sessions:

  • Session 1: Feb 5th – 8th in Toronto
  • Session 2: April 16-19th in Toronto
  • Session 3: June 4th – 6th  in Toronto

For more information check out our website! http://www.handsontraining.com/toronto-11day/

Not convinced of whether this workshop is worth your time and money? Hear what Dr. Daniela Matijevic has to say about it!

Don’t wait until it’s too late, sign up today! Attend the Hands on Training spring sessions and be ready to offer surgical implant procedures in your practice by summer.

We hope to see you in Toronto!

~Reena Gajjar

Continuing Education Schedule – 2015: Do You Have a Plan?

Hands On Training 2015 Schedule2015 is quickly approaching and the time to get your schedule hammered out is running out! If you have continuing education points on your to-do list, then we have a fantastic schedule already laid out!

Our 8 Day – Mini Residency In Implant Dentistry 2015 Spring Program – will be held in Yorba Linda, California and Mahwah, New Jersey this year. You can call us at 1-888-806-4442 to register!

Our 11 Day – Mini Residency In Implant Dentistry – Live Surgeries – 2015 Spring Program – will be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Please call 1-888-806-4442 to register for that class.

For more details and course descriptions, check out our resources page!

~Reena Gajjar

Dental Implants: Frequently Asked Questions

Your patients do not have the training on dental implants that you do as a dental provider. Dental implants are quite a complex process that involves many steps and great detail.

Being a provider that is knowledgeable in all aspects of the dental implant process will give your patients the security they need to better understand what the process will entail.

Here at Hands On Training we have put together a brief Q & A guide to directly cover a few of those frequently asked dental implant questions!

HandsOn Training Dental Implant Training

Dental Implants 101

When an office first begins offering dental implants, it is not uncommon to get some questions regarding the process and time it will take. We put together a short list of the most frequently asked questions, regarding dental implants.

  • How long will implants last? – Just like your natural teeth, implants should last a lifetime. However, just like natural teeth, we know that they may not serve for a person’s entire lifetime. In our studies we have found that those types of problems usually stem from improper care at home or a simple lack of care when a concern arises.
  • Do implants require special care? Because dental implants are much like natural teeth, we ask that you treat them as such. Continuing your regular dental check-ups, brushing and flossing daily, and taking care of your gums is the ideal way to care for your implants.
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of my dental implant? Possibly. We have found that there are some insurance carriers that will cover the cost, while some only cover a partial amount, and then there are the carriers that won’t cover it at all. It is best if you contact your insurance provider to find out for sure.
  • How long does the whole dental implant process take? There are three phases of treatment. Each phase is very detailed and precise, but total treatment time for most implant cases can usually take between five and eight months. If additional bone or gum procedures are needed, treatment times could be longer.
  • I’ve heard the placement of implants can be painful, is that true? Implant placement doesn’t usually result in much post-operative discomfort. Usually, taking Tylenol or Advil for the few days post procedure will be enough to relieve the minor discomfort you may have.

No Questions are Wrong Questions!

It’s important as the provider that you are able to offer information that will help educate your patients on a complex procedure such as dental implants. A great doctor/patient relationship begins with exceptional communication!

~Reena Gajjar

3 Reasons To Improve Your Practice in 2015

Increasing practice revenue should be at the forefront of your 2015 goals! We want to make sure that your practice is getting the best results out of products and services you may be looking into for your 2015 year.

Smart Thinking Pays Off!

Your yearly practice goals generally boil down to a few different factors. Usually with one common focus: Bettering your dental practice, generating more revenue, and staying on the cutting edge of technology.

Hands On Training ClassWhat would you say if we told you that we can help with all three of those things? There are plenty of ideas out there that offer just that, but only a select few that actually deliver it.

One of the most lucrative ways you can better your practice, and thus generate more revenue, is by offering higher end dental services. Offering dental implant procedures puts your practice above the competition and keeps you as a provider on track with advanced cutting edge technology and services.

Hands On Training offers comprehensive programs that cover a variety of practice and staff training options. Things like:

  • Dental implant overview
  • Dental implant benefits
  • Treatment options
  • Patient communication
  • Radiography training
  • Hands-on session with components
  • Live demonstration surgeries

And so much more. Our vast selection of products and services are a step in the right direction for dedicating yourself to maintaining the highest of standards in your dental practice this new year.

We don’t want you to take our word for it, hear it first hand from our satisfied clients!

~Reena Gajjar

Begin Your 2015 On a Great Start!

Before you know it, 2015 will be here and we will be reminiscing about how fast 2014 seemed to pass us by! We want you to take 2015 by the horns and make it the best year your dental practice has seen!

Continuing Education – Always a Rewarding Idea!

Hands On Training Dental Implant TrainingMaybe you’ve been meaning to get caught up on those CEH’s or maybe you’re looking to get your practice ahead of the game! Either way, we can help!

Not long ago we covered a great blog on How to Pick the Right CE Course for You. You will find this article is a great resource for deciding which course is going to be more beneficial to you and your dental practice and also, you’ll see first hand that you will be getting a dedicated skill set that you won’t be able to find, anywhere else!

Hands On Training offers a variety of programs to meet everyone’s schedule!

Just in case you weren’t aware, we offer an 11 day and 8 day Mini Residency Implant Program as well as a 4 day Endodontic Solution program! Not to be outdone, we are also a top choice for our amazing Staff Program!

Make it the Best Year Possible!Hands On Training Staff Program

Whatever your new year schedule is looking like, we promise one of our great course outlines will fit into it! What your staff and team members will take away from it will solidify the advancement and leading edge technology of your dental practice!

~Reena Gajjar

What Do ICOI Credentials Mean?

Do you want to be credentialed by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)? After you’re a member of the ICOI, you can begin your credentialing application immediately.

Hands On Training encourages involvement in ICOI

One of the big benefits of membership includes being listed in an online membership directory for patients who want to locate an ICOI dentist in their area.

The bottom line is, if you have experience doing implants for patients and want to accelerate your expertise, ICOI membership and credentialing is a great way to go. The organization offers meetings and training about a range of advanced topics that will improve your confidence and your skill level.

Hands On Training is a fantastic way to get ICOI credentials. Dr. Hebel is a master educator and expert in the field of implant dentistry. While it’s normally hard to get credentialed through ICOI, you’ll get there automatically through Hands On Training!

If you any have questions on how it works, just give us a call!

~Reena Gajjar


How Social Media Can Turbo-Charge Your Practice

This online marketing stuff is often mystifying to dentists. Many of us aren’t particularly savvy when it comes to any technology that’s not related to oral care.

And that’s okay. You don’t need to understand all the ins and outs of the Internet to run a successful practice. However, in this day and age, failing to establish and maintain a strong online presence is dangerous for the long-term success of any business.

With that said, here’s what social media can do for your practice.

Attract New Patients

With so many people on social media today – adults and children alike – you can’t afford not to have a presence there. Your prospective patients are out there right now on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

EHands On Training encourages you to use social mediavery time someone likes, follows, or subscribes to your dental practice, their fellow fans or followers can see it. When you get engagement on social media, your visibility increases too. With a good following, social proof starts to kick in, and you might find some of your patients are referrals from Facebook or Twitter!

And aside from the improvements that social media provide, it just so happens that you’re starting from behind if you don’t have any presence at all. Imagine looking for a dentist for yourself and discovering that they don’t have a Facebook page.

Whether it’s logical or not, this conveys the feeling that the dentist has something to hide, or that they’re not very successful. Your practice’s success is proportional to the strength – or lack thereof – of your social media presence.

Engage Existing Patients

Half the battle in having a successful dental practice is actually maintaining a base of patients who keep coming back to you. There will always be some turnover as people move away, but you don’t want a lot of turnover from patients who choose another dentist instead of being loyal to you!

One way to help retain patients is with engagement on social media. Share things about you, your staff, and your practice. Announce fun promotions and contests. Show that you care about your patients as people! With a strong human connection, your patients are more likely to stick around.

I hope this makes it clear how valuable your social media presence is for your dental practice. To find out more, just ask!

~Reena Gajjar